Are Your Debts Ruining Your Life?

When You Have Debts You Cannot Repay

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most effective means of eliminating debts you cannot pay. It provides a permanent discharge for a wide variety of debts and allows individuals to begin again with a true “fresh start” as promised by the Bankruptcy Act.

Filing Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, also known as “straight bankruptcy,” provides the opportunity to clear consumer debt. Don’t be led astray by ads for debt consolidation, which can saddle individuals with even more debt. A Chapter 7 is genuine debt relief, where most debts are eliminated or “discharged.”

Chapter 7 Can Permanently Eliminate Debts

The court appoints a trustee who may create a liquidation plan to gather assets and sell items to pay your debts. For the average person, much of the assets they own are exempt, which means it is often the case that no assets will need to be sold and liquidated. Our experienced attorney will explain how your assets fit within the bankruptcy exemptions.

Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy Can:

  • Prevent car repossession
  • Give you a fresh start by discharging most consumer debt
  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Prevent wage garnishment

Are You Overburdened With Heavy Consumer Debt Due To:

  • Medical debt
  • Business failure
  • Personal disaster
  • Unemployment

Chapter 7 Offers A Fresh Financial Start And May Be Your Best Option

When you need a Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy lawyer to help, count on our experience. Bankruptcy Clinic is not a credit counseling service. We help people like you file a bankruptcy to eliminate most of your debts.

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